Veil of Ignorance (Parent’s Point of View)

For me, teen chat room sounds like an accident waiting to happen. My 13 year old daughter will never get an account in a chat room just because there is no point in risking her safety for online socializing. I would like to think we’ve taught her good communication skills so that she can literally socialize instead of doing it behind her computer screen.

There are far too many creeps on the internet and a teen chat room is something they are drawn too. The tv series “How to Catch a Predator” may be slightly scripted or set up, but it does a good way of illustrating how serious these adults are.

It’s also very unsettling to hear these predators talk about their personal background. Some of them are teachers, doctors, you name it. People you see everyday could possibly have a secret life. That’s the worst feeling in the world for a parent.


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