Political Speech Today: The Most Interesting Lies

I have a rather strong opinion when it comes to how politics are portrayed in the media today. Since the invention of the oh-so-worshipped television, politics have gradually been distorted into some sort of sick game. Politics themselves and the political issues remain serious and relevant, but what politicians and the media do with them is on a whole different level.

News networks have a bias, that is a known fact. It is not humanly possible to be unbiased. There are certainly different degrees of bias, but the fact remains that everyone is going to possess and has a right to possess an opinion. Conservatives are going to chose to watch a conservative program while the liberals will chose to watch a liberal program because each program feeds into their already predisposed opinions. There really is not anything wrong with that in it and of it self. However, when UNINFORMED individuals get their information from these programs that is when conflict arises. The information in the main stream media is going to be distorted and this leads to uneducated voters, voting with the thought that they have been informed.

Furthermore comedic political programs are good for what they are, but again many uninformed individuals will seek out information in these programs too because it’s easy access to politics through the guise of humor. This poses an even greater problem because the information here is even further distorted for the sake of comedy.

The only resolution for this problem is urging people to get their original information from trusted sources and use the mainstream media to reaffirm the opinions they already made previously.


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