California, You Have My Heart; A Week in San Diego Had Me Smitten

Imagine living somewhere that has everything you could ever want in one place, just like eating a sandwich that has everything you crave in between two slices of bread that you had also chosen. That’s just how San Diego felt.


Last Friday, I traveled to visit a wonderful friend over my spring break to her home in Southern California. I had previously expressed interest in moving there at some point, but I was not prepared for such an emotional attachment to this city.

You know how you go on vacation each year and feel like you’re making memories in a city that you are unfamiliar with, you feel like a visitor sight seeing and such, right? The moment I landed and stepped foot on to “holy ground” aka San Diego, I did not feel like a visitor…I felt home.


As indecisive as I may be, down to the smallest things like which coffee to brew in the morning, I knew I was destined to live in this city as if I already had been in some other life. I mean this figuratively, of course.

The beach was two miles from where I stayed. The first day, I instantaneously got chills as I sat in the passenger seat, with my head out the window gazing at the ocean, the palm trees, and breathing in the salty air. I felt incandescently happy because this was filling every empty space in my heart, I felt sad because I had not discovered my escape sooner, and I felt determined because I knew this is where I want to end up and the sooner the better.

While on the road, the California locals may be a bit aggressive, but every single person I met greeted me with a warm smile and a wonderful attitude.

The first weekend we spent the mornings running on Sunset Cliffs and ending our run at the Ocean Beach Pier. My favorite hangout is at a small cafe/bar that served the very BEST sangria I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, it was called Queenstown. It had a minor hipster vibe due to the darling decor and lighting.

I got the pleasure of experiencing my first taste of surfing thanks to a dear dear friend.Image

And as the trip ended, the sappier we got….


Anyways, I’ll see you soon California.


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