“Hip” on the Go: Urban Outfitters Trendy Content Strategy


Urban Outfitter’s brand embodies an incredibly diverse amount of elements throughout its stores, website, and social media outlets. The company is a branch connected with Free People, Anthropologie, Terrain, and BHLDN. Each store has a distinct atmosphere with a direct and clear target audience. Urban Outfitters does an incredible job of using their online content to get emotionally connected with their customers. This emotional connection is part of their brand.


The target audience is primarily the trendy “20 somethings” with a taste for vintage, funky, and eclectic taste in clothing, accessories, and decorative items. The first element that jumps out at me when hopping on their site is the blog link. The blog’s content is relatable for the customer because it contains content that the target audience is interested in. There are music downloads, streaming video of concerts, and spotlights for young artists etc. This is a great strategy for Urban because it drives traffic to their site using some other motivation other than selling the customer something. The blog is simply there to inform the readers more on their interests. Those willing to read the blog will feel more connected to Urban Outfitters’ brand. This develops an online relationship with the customer. Furthermore, their content on the blog is consistently being updated. “Music Mondays” has a new playlist of songs selected for free download to reward those who check the blog on a weekly basis.


This constant updating makes an interactive experience for users because new online content creates that if the information is fresh every week, there must be some value to it. The brand speaks the way the people do, they keep a well-polished artsy look online, but the words they use are “hip” and “funky fresh” per say.

Urban’s social media content is all very uniform in accordance with each one. Their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts all have the same visually pleasing appeal. However, the most unique element about their social media strategy is that their content on each media platform is different. Typically, brands post the same pic on Twitter as they do on their Instagram, but Urban has different content on each one. I think in this case this works for them because their marketing strategy never appears repetitive.

Urban Outfitters also offers an app for the iPhone that has content very different than their social media accounts. It features a UO music player which basically streams the music they play in their stores. This is one way they get their content to reflect their in-store atmosphere. The other feature includes a way for customers to get rewards by interacting with their social media. One “challenge” offered is by tweeting about an Urban Outfitters store and using the hashtag #UOHaul, a customer gets a “badge” that can earn them percentage points of their next purchase. This is highly interactive in a few ways. It results in the customer downloading to UO app, tweeting about Urban Outfitters, and then encouraging a sale with the discount.

Their Twitter bio features a sarcastic line. Urban’s instagram bio features the word “’sup.” This is a great example of a brand speaking the customer’s language. Each social media platform updates daily and most of the posts are encouraging some sort of a reaction out of the customer or possible customer. At the end of the day, the UO app seems to be the most functional and rewarding shopping app on the market. Urban Outfitters is doing it right because their app encourages action from their customers. Their target audience is the group of tech savvy individuals and their online content strategy appeals directly to their tech savvy lifestyle. 


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