Mabie Provides Relevant Information and the Key to Success?



The president of Evolve Digital Labs, Derek Mabie made a guest appearance to our class last Thursday afternoon and introduced the ideas and possibilities that this search marketing agency has to offer. He gave a presentation with an overall conversational tone that exemplified the agency’s overall personal approach to their marketing company. I think his approach to public speaking was illustrating the whole essence of company accurately. The community looks to him as a representation of the work they do. Evolve Digital Labs explains their mission statement as “empowering brands through search.”

Mabie explained their entire process as a search marketing agency and that unlike many others there first step is not the “idea,” but it in fact is getting to know YOU the company, individual, or whatever group you may be made up of. Only after doing this, can Evolve begin to develop a strategy. This order of elements is what makes Evolve unique from other companies according to Mabie.

One of the pieces of information Mabie shared that really stood out to me was when he said “Either you are messaging to the wrong people, or you have the wrong message!” This brings up relevant information for our SEO class because I never really thought of the first part. It never occurred to me that changing the people we market to was actually an option. I have always thought of it in terms of which message to send to appeal to said group, but what an idea to change up one’s audience. He expanded on this idea and explained that in a way, demographics do not matter. Groups of people that you need to target may not fall into a specific demographic group, or at least according to traditional demographic break down. Mabie explained that many companies focus on demographics and end up overlooking groups of people that could have been included in their target audience.

A very sobering, but important point Derek made was that marketers are usually very expendable. He explained that they are the first to be cut. Many companies make the mistake that when their company’s profit is declining in sales that their first move is to downgrade their marketing techniques when in reality that is the exact department that needs to be looked at for boosting. Evolve digital labs knows the importance of this factor in business and their mission is to keep the search marketing element of their clients the priority and the reason for success.

Mabie gave us “newbies” to search engine knowledge the key to growth: monitoring and modifying. In order to grow the company’s search engine ranking etc. they have to be analyzing and watching the reactions to what content they create and post. These reactions need to be positive and negative feedback that effects how they modify the content and tweak it so that it slowly becomes a constant routine of putting out content, watching the feedback, and making it better. In the long run, this will only yield positive results.  

Lastly, Mabie gave us the “golden ticket.” He explained that he is positive if we want to make a million dollars in the next ten years, become an Excel expert. This is the one weapon we can use to control our employers (fairly of course) and win over future employers in an interview. Extensive knowledge of Excel can take a lot of studying and practicing, but he says that becoming a master will only bring beneficial elements to the search engine world. 

Another marketing company worth checking out and comparing to Evolve is Resolution Marketing. They thrive on their “entrepreneurial spirit.” Leap is one of the top 25 ranked search marketing agencies in the country driving home the fact that no matter how amazing your content is, it does not matter if it cannot be found. 

I noticed Derek follows HOW Design on Twitter and I found their twitter page to be inspirational for a variety of companies.


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