Digital Strategy Artist


Meet Jessica Leitch: a creative twenty something, a community manager and event coordinator, a social media “butterfly,” and a creative mind. Jessica works for Alive magazine, a STL magazine that creates a focus on entertainment, culture, and fashion and hosts around 30 events per year. Jessica is well versed in all three of these genres, which is why she is the perfect fit for her job. Not only does Jessica plan and advertise the magazine’s events around the STL area, but she uses their social media sites to draw attention to Alive. Jessica is a content creator and has a few words of wisdom concerning how to connect with the audience.


The most helpful strategy she offered was “the most common posting I use on Twitter is asking questions daily. By asking questions, the audience feels connected to our company and the question itself interacts with the audience whether they physically respond or not.” By asking questions on social media, the audience begins to hear the “voice” of the company.

The second most common strategy is linking. Jessica stressed how important it was that she linked Alive’s Twitter, Facebook, and website to each other so it seems to be one big working system. Having all social media connected results in more traffic to each site because once the audience makes it to one platform, the chances are pretty high they will coast on to at least one more. It is sort of the natural flow of the internet surfing world.

Jessica explained that the one element that helped her land her current job was Jill Falk’s personal branding class during J-term period back at Lindenwood University. Jessica explained that this class forced her to learn the ropes of Twitter and her extensive knowledge on social media platforms helped her coast into this current job.

In addition to the personal branding class, Jessica has her own personal blog called City in a Jar. It is a lifestyle blog that highlights mostly fashion trends with a few little elements concerning where to go, who to see, what to drink as a trendy twenty something. She updates her blog weekly with new photos and blog posts she writes. This side blog is a wonderful creative outlet and allows her to use her social media skills away from the job, which only perfects them. Jessica explained that having a personal blog helped her define her personal voice, and by working for Alive magazine she learned how to define a voice for the company.


Basically, Jessica’s multiple duties to social media, whether it be at home or in the office, have both aided her in learning the art of defining a brand for a company and for her as an individual.

Jessica commented on the native advertising and explained that it is a new term for her, but she has mixed feelings about the idea. “Coming from an advertising perspective, native advertising can be a wonderful and lucrative detail to a marketing strategy, but coming from a consumer standpoint, native advertising may get a bit obnoxious at times. Advertising is advertising. It is always going to be there anyways.” Jessica makes a valid point. Whether it is traditional advertising or native advertising, it will be necessary to sell any product or service. If an advertising strategy works for a company, then that is great.

Jessica encourages college students to immerse themselves in the social media culture now. Her experience with personal blogging only added one more weapon to her ammunition when she looked to land a job. Jessica Leitch has taken the small steps to create a personal brand for herself and learned how to make a voice for a separate brand.


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