Guest Speaker TJ Kirgin Gives Relevant Advice From His Experience at Anchor STL


Allow me to introduce TJ Kirgin our guest speaker from Anchor STL, an inbound marketing company that started just a little over two decades ago, in 1992. Simply put, Anchor STL is an advertising agency that understands advertising as well as technology is ever changing. Anchor STL is one step ahead of…everyone.

Kirgin explained, “Twitter is radio, YouTube is TV, and Facebook is a magazine.” This puts into perspective how much change has happened and that this obviously affects advertising as well. Anchor STL specializes in sales optimization, inbound marketing, web development, and creative design.

One truly catchy piece of information Kirgin shared with us was the importance of your company to develop a “sticky” homepage. By saying this he means, what content can you include on your homepage and how are you going to present it so that customers want to stick around? The goal is to keep their attention as long as possible, that’s how you begin to reel them in. This will cut the bounce rate in half.

Many companies do not stay as on top of their social media and web content as much as Anchor STL. Kirgin’s piece of advice is to create press releases on a monthly basis. This earns the company credibility and the more content the company puts out, the higher they’ll be in search rankings. These press releases need to be as absorbing as possible in order to hold the reader’s attention and encourage them to read next month’s. This can only build trust between the customer and the company, as the customer gradually gets to know the company and their values.

Kirgin described the three types of content that need to be written for different audiences. Awareness is for those who know they have some sort of need that should be satisfied. Evaluation is for those who know that the company has something to satisfy that need. Purchase is for those who have went through the previous steps and are ready to officially purchase. Writing in terms of these three stages is essential to roping in a potential customer.

As Kirgin reiterated a few times, social media is one very important weapon for companies. It’s what will get people “talking about you,” says Kirgin. It’s important to have workshops to make your voice clear. Your theme must be concise and thorough. Lastly, content needs to be curated and created. Leaving social media out or updated rarely will ultimately sink your company.

Something I found especially interesting is the fact that Kirgin said, “a blog could start a company.” This really puts into perspective that what we’re doing right now could potentially formulate into an entire company in the very near future, or at least culture an idea for one that could make it. It’s mind blowing that the blogs I write even just in this class, could potentially lead me write into the path of a company I would want to work with.

A company I found that could go hand in hand with Anchor STL is Nexcess. Their twitter bio says, “Beyond Hosting – You focus on your site’s content and we’ll focus on keeping it online – big, small or in between.” They offer shared web hosting which makes it more affordable for the everyday individual to launch their own website. 

Molchester Limited is an SEO company that became one of the top SEO companies in the UK and it was started only a year ago. A lot of our class work is going to use web hosting and SEO affiliated content, and both of these companies could be beneficial to check out. 



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