Reality TV

Our class commented on reality TV, it’s affect on American culture, and the purpose of reality TV. Personally, I see why reality TV began. It’s easy, cheap, and something that our society really wants right now. Our society seems to be all about this instant gratification attitude and reality TV gives its viewers exactly what they want, when they want it.

Other regular shows may have the viewers do some waiting or thinking; two things people in today’s society do not want to do. I think the results of reality TV are getting increasingly negative. The young and impressionable minds of younger children are growing up in this atmosphere and watching these shows, believing these people are a reflection of real life is like. A lot of values are compromised in these reality shows and the more saturated television is with these, the more desensitized these younger generations become. It’s a snowball effect and before America realizes it they will have created a moral-less society. 


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