Little Rock 9

Issues- African Americans at Little Rock School were verbally and sometimes physically abused, in order to get the story, journalists had to be in the crowd and do nothing.

Perspectives- white students, African American students, the school district, the reporters

Knowledge-the white students said some awful things they can never take back.

Actions-soldiers were brought in to cut down on hate and violence, but they only added extra stress and drama to the situation at hand.

Consequences-physical and verbal abuse. However, the verbal abuse will forever ring in the minds of those African American students and pain their soul.

Conclusion/Opinion-Since being at Lindenwood, I have felt like the minority at times because of how diverse the culture is here. I never felt threatened, but I see that if that were ever to arise I don’t know if I could handle it as calmly as the Little Rock 9 students. 


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