Reporting Persistence

Part of being a journalist includes the quality of persistence, which can be a daunting task when “chasing” a story or person that does not want to be chased in the first place.

Many reporters, especially lately have had to endure some mild persecution for their persistence on the story. Sometimes, journalists are going to have to interview people they do not like, people that do not like them, or people that want to be left alone.

Sometimes the catalyst to attention-giving drama in a story is the person who “refused” to be interviewed. Sometimes when saying nothing, that says a lot. Any move that person makes is saying something, because even not saying anything, says something.

In the Wendy McCaw movie, the young reporter is treated very rudely by the boyfriend’s lawyer, but that did not stop her. She pursued other ways of speaking with them and finally they had enough and let her ask pertinent questions that later made for a great story. 


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