A Little Group Discussion

For the group discussion in class, we discussed the case studies A, C and G.

In case A,  a man was held hostage in Pakistan. A video of his death was found on the internet not even a month after his abduction. CBS Evening News chose to air just a couple of seconds of the video in their story about propaganda. Then it was justified that other news outlets use this footage in it’s entire version. One newspaper even posted the full video on their website to receive hit after hit, and the head of the man that was decapitated on the front page of their newspaper.

Personally, I think the paper that posted the entire video made the unethical decision. Sure, re-airing what had already aired is one thing, but taking the liberty of showing the whole thing was sickening with no regards to the feelings of the family who had to be bombarded with the media’s coverage of their own tragedy.

The next case was simply a man who photo-shopped two photos together and running it in his article. The photos that he put together got tons of positive reviews, but he did not tell his news paper that he had done the photo-shopping so he was fired. I agree he should have been fired and the paper made the right choice to voice that to the public so they can remain trusting of the news source not to tolerate those without integrity.

Lastly, photo manipulation was the final case we discussed. Specifically, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey and the pyramids in Egypt were all manipulated. These photos were edited to make the pyramids look closer, Aniston’s hair was made to look longer and the photo was stolen, and Winfrey’s head was placed on a body that was not hers.

I think all the last two manipulations are unethical because it was doing so without the permission of a living person. However with the pyramids case, it was for design purposes and I do not see an ethical issue present.



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