Secret Weaknesses: Everyone Has One

Everyone has that one type of guy or girl that “gets them.” Chances of you ending up with this kind of person are slim, however nothing wrong with dreaming…


Yes, it’s true I have been a “ride or die” fan of this little band THE MAINE. They’ve managed to gain a lot of popularity over the past 5 years, since I’ve been a fan. I got the amazing opportunity to meet the lead singer one on one after their show at my school this year. Life made? Oh yes.


I never got a chance to explain to him the intricacies of our future relationship, but I’m positive he felt the sparks flying. Until then I’ll blog on and off about silly boys and throw him in there once in awhile just to let him know I’ve still got it for him.


Besides being beautiful and nasty hot, John’s musical talent is mind blowing. The Maine writes the majority of their music and it seems that they take their lyrics very seriously. Their lyrics have a way of putting a situation into perspective. I go to their music when I’m going through something because their words are lyrical therapy for my mind.


“Here’s to words that tell the truth, when it’s easier to lie.” -The Maine



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