Picture Controversy

Our class has reviewed many different controversial pictures that have been published and gained lots of publicity since then. The one that really hit me in class was of the man who chose to jump off the building on 9-11. The picture captured his fall. The picture is obviously very far away and no details of his face can be made out. 

Of course, many people in the public found this to be too disturbing and complained. More than one young woman claimed this man to be her brother and was very unhappy with how unsettling the picture was.

Personally, I see that there is no way for anyone to know if it was their family member at all because their guess is just as good as mine. There is not near enough detail for one person to see this man’s face. I feel that maybe these young women who were grieving were trying to deal with their loss as well as make sense of what may have happened to their loved one. 

9-11 was an awful tragedy that will never be forgotten, and I think that many pictures, even the shocking ones need to be kept in order for future generations to understand how big of a deal 9-11 was and will remain a day of remembrance 


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