What Do I Consider to Be News?

We discussed in class what material can be classified as news, what material is hard to report, and which parts of the material should not be included in a news story. Personally, if I were a journalist I would have a difficult time keeping my emotions out of the story and interviews themselves. I have always put my feelings and emotions into just about every task I do. Writing a story on a tragedy would be one task I could not numb my feelings for. Part of the job of a journalist is to remain unbiased so that the public can read into the story further for themselves. This in and of itself is an ethical dilemma. Humans by nature are going to form an opinion in their mind, but how does one not incorporate that into their work? I have no idea, and it makes sense because I would argue that the majority of news outlets are most definitely biased in some way or another. I do not blame them, in fact I would argue most people know which newspapers tend to swing a certain way and they buy the ones they trust the most.


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