Moral Compass

When I think about the strongest factors that play into my ethical decisions, a few things come to mind right away. First off, my family has taught me so much about right and wrong that knowing the right thing to do has become second nature to me, it’s just the actually choosing that decision that is the hardest part. I look to my mom for direction in my life at all times. The next factor that really guides my conscience would be my faith. I have been raised a strong Catholic and I have not grown out of it, in fact it has deepened. Whenever I run across moral dilemma, I consult directly what Jesus would do in such a situation.


2 responses

  1. I was so excited to see that you were in my class this semester! Touring Switch was the best part of PBandJterm and I also learned a lot from Jill. She is an amazing teacher. Now to your post, I love that you always talk about your family. It makes me feel normal in that sense. Another factor you brought up was doing the right thing with out even thinking about it. I would like to say congratulations because not many people have that confidence in themselves. Another brave topic you touch on is your faith. I love it when people use their faith in religion to help them make ethical decisions. Your parents should be proud of you!!

  2. I agree that family and faith really help you in deciding what/who your moral compass will be as you continue to grow up. I think that they teach you the basics when you are young and you continue and expand upon those basic morals throughout your life. I think that many peoples moral compass is their parents or whoever raised you because they were the ones who taught you right from wrong. Using your morals is something you will use for the rest of your life, so it is important to develop these at a young age.

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