Week 3 Has Come To A Close

PBandJterm class has finally come to a close. I had absolutely no idea that a Personal Branding class could have such an effect on me, personally. (No pun intended.) Our professor, Jill Falk did an amazing job at making everyone in the class feel comfortable falling into their “brand.” I have never felt like I could show all my colors to a class like I did in her class before.

This class made me realize that it’s okay to be yourself, in fact that’s the only way to land a job. We’re living in a generation that’s rebelling from the formal ways when it comes to resumes, interviews, etc. The technology is rapidly advancing and as communication students we are expected to be experts in social media.

I was touched by the fact that our class became so close. Every single class mate was unforgettable in their own way and I hope I was able to leave a positive impression on them as they did with me. One of my favorite elements of the class was the field trip we took this past Wednesday to Switch Marketing where we met with Jessica Leitch who interns there currently. She is a former Lindenwood communications student and she has her own blog, City In a Jar that speaks to my soul!


We got to listen to the work that Switch Marketing does as well as what it takes to be such an avid blogger like Jessica. I loved her carefree and fun attitude that she contributed to her site because it inspired me to run with my blog.

I can honestly say…this class taught me to get in touch with what I really want. I had no idea that blogging was something I could be interested in. The idea of putting my thoughts in to words and making something possibly worth reading is exciting to me.

Another exciting thought is keeping up with my Linked In account and gradually improving it more and more and see where it takes me.

This class exceeded all my expectations and I have decided to call it a life skills class because I will use each and everything I learned for the rest of my life. I know that someday, when I get “the” job that I have always hoped and prayed for…I will be able to attribute my wealth of knowledge to this very class.


Lastly, I learned from Jessica that sometimes if you can something in fewer words, you should. I learned all about brevity. And with that I have decided that I have concluded my thoughts on this class and illustrated my point in 444 words as opposed to the expected 500. 🙂


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