A Hopeless Romantic Gives Hope?


Ever since I was a little tike I was passionate about communicating with all sorts of people. I was shy in the beginning, but man if you asked me my name and smiled, I quickly transformed into the real chatter box I was.  As the story goes, our family trip to the Grand Canyon went very well because I was two years old and peaking in my communication skills. Supposedly, every single person we passed I chose to great with a big cheesy smile and a “Hi man, hi boy, hi girl, hi woman, hello miss, hi sir, etc.” That is just one prime example of how I was desperately trying to socialize constantly even at such a young age. Nothing changed as I grew up, except I started developing crushes by the time I hit preschool. I could still tell you the name of each and every boy I was “sweet on.” That being said, when I reached high school you could say I was peaking with my boy crazy stage.

My dating life in high school was pretty average, not much heartbreak or heartache. Once I got to college, things got serious. I feel like dating in college is a whole different game and I was hesitant to play. I identify myself as a hopeless romantic for a few reasons. The idea of being in love and experiencing “sweep you off your feet romance” is something I see as beautiful and worth waiting for.

I am a true believer that when it comes to love and romance, it’s all in the chemistry. If you cannot honestly feel a deep connection to someone just sitting in a room conversing with them, than why would you spend the rest of your life with this person? This is where my “hopeless” title comes into play. Obviously I’m not going to have chemistry with every guy, in fact I could meet the most attractive and perfect man, but if I don’t feel those incredible sparks coming from chemistry…he’s not the one.

I think everyone has experienced this so-called “spark.” If you haven’t, wait for it. I promise it’s so worth it. Past loves will feel like just friends after that. This leads me to explaining what I find to be my niche in life; relationship advice. Even though I am single at the moment, I am completely content with it especially when I feel like I have a purpose. Isn’t that what life is about? Finding that purpose in life and running with it because it will make you happy?

Anyways, considering I have a passion for communicating and such good knowledge on the subject of dating, I have become the relationship advice hotline for all my friends. I would not label myself as “Cupid,” but I have set up a few friends that have ended up in long and happy relationships.

My best piece of advice for anyone out there in the dating game; you must first be content and completely happy with you and only you. You must be passionate about being independent and being in control of your life. Once you reach that “high on life” feeling, then you are ready to consider being happy with another.

I read a book called “How To Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul” that really helped me look at love from a whole new perspective, it includes some religious references however there is so much philosophy and information packed in there, anyone can relate.


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