Goodbye to Professional Resume, Hello New Ideas

With 2 out of the 3 weeks of Jterm class coming to a close, in retrospect I have accumulated an overwhelming amount of information to help me further my Public Relations knowledge as well as personal branding methods. This week I researched as well as presented the up and coming Andrea Valeria. Her story inspired me because she achieved a level of success that we’re all capable of achieving as college graduates. I learned a few lessons from her, one being that if you want to make something happen you have go to do it for yourself without expecting help from anyone else. That way, if someone is to help you out along the way you will be that much further along because you’re not expecting that “extra push.”

Researching Andrea Valeria also taught me the importance of staying up to date with news and my social media. She answers her tweets personally as well as all emails. The fact that she answered my questions so quickly showed her true interest in her fans as well as her personal brand. Part of a personal brand is how you treat the people around you…all the people.

We were lucky enough to have many guest speakers this week including Nick Gilham and Josh Turner who gave us pointers on how to make our LinkedIn account more professional and appealing to potential employers. I never realized how important it was to have a picture uploaded, but they explained being able to see who you’re reviewing is a big part of evaluating process. They also explained how paper resumes are going to be close to non-existent, especially for communications and marketing majors. The real resume is the brand you present online, on your LinkedIn accounts and other social media accounts geared towards business.

A lot went through my mind this week in terms of my opinion of resumes and professional accounts. If I could add anything more to the conversation it would have to be that creativity is the key to landing the job. In order to be a step above the rest, you have to add a creative element to stand out. It does not matter if you have lists of experience if that experience is not illustrated through your ability to present your brand. I realized that a technically “more qualified” candidate may have a job snatched from them by someone who knows how to brand themselves better and tailor that brand to the job description.

I like that the job searching game is changing in terms of getting outside the box. Society gas branched out of the phase of formality and moving to something with a little more color to it. I found this website while surfing the internet, this article in particular is helpful in furthering the personal branding and reputation process.


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