I Am a Content Creator

On a daily basis the amount of content I consume is mind blowing when I really sit down and think about it critically. In the morning, instead of reading the paper I browse through my Twitter feed to check up and see how everyone’s morning is going. Throughout the day I may log on to Facebook and get a good laugh because most people post the most immature things onto Facebook. The rest of the day is filled up with learning new material in class from what the professor says as well as what the professor presents to our class. I realized a lot of the content that I consume is not exactly solid material that affects me in a positive way. Part of being a content consumer means making the conscious decision to consume things that stretch your imagination as well as impact you to have an opinion about an issue. I rarely watch television, but when I do I enjoy watching the news because it’s so informative and then I can decide which information I believe and which information I want to research closer.
The only time I am not consuming is when I’m sleeping. I thought about it and even while I work out there is television on and I still have access to check my social media in between. While I eat a meal I’m usually on Twitter and now recently I’m slowly becoming addicted to my new Tumblr account.
Besides being a consumer I am also primarily a content creator, especially in today’s Web 2.0 world. I create quite a lot of content on my Twitter account. I have 2 separate accounts now, one for my own personal tweets and one I use on a more professional level. This allows me to use Twitter for social purposes and business purposes. On my personal account, my tweets vary from very sarcastic and dry humor to a vast majority of song lyrics that describe my every emotion. My other account I use to express what I’m doing to gain experience in the field of communications and public relations. I share stories and tips to keep my motivation going and to show that I am knowledgeable. I post pictures and videos on Facebook . I post pictures on Instagram. I would say I have a very creative niche for anything that inspires imagination. Many of the photos I instagram I try to include a creative element, and by doing this I’m teaching others just by example.
I can use my social media to portray my personal brand. That’s something I need to think about consciously at all times when I am creating content. Once it’s out there, it can never go away. The brand that I want to convey while creating content is an intelligent and driven communications major that has a passion to address flaws in modern society using media expertise. I want to be a social media butterfly. My personal branding goal is that someday when I Google my name, an accurate description comes up of a successful person who made a difference.
Some of my favorite websites that are helpful are: personal branding.tv and ted.com


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