“Google Me Baby”

I googled my full name tonight and was surprised that I could not find a trace of the real “me” for pages and pages. I can honestly say that I am relieved because in today’s technology-based world, everything we put on the internet gets out there and I would like to think that I’ve guarded my privacy pretty responsibly over the years. However, I looked under the image results and found one photo of me. The photo was linked to my pinterest page, something I do not feel the need to hide, but in fact show off! In the future, I would like to see my name pop on Google linked to something truly meaningful, but this will take hard work which I am prepared to do.

My dream career is always changing, but if I could do anything I would chose to be a leading member of a PR department for a large corporation, particularly one that has a truly great cause and mission. I want to make a difference through my ability and love of communicating with people. That is about as specific as it gets for now. There are a lot of young women who inspire me, but they are not the obvious ones or the people that even have a similar job description to what I want. In the music department, Taylor Swift is truly an inspiration for me because of her incredible humility throughout her journey as becoming one of the most popular young women in pop and country music. I look to her when I need to feel grounded. I am truly inspired by the hopeless romantic roles in romantic comedies because these young women (even though they are acting) are enjoying the job they are portraying in the movie. Their excitement (whether it be real or not) motivates me to find a job that I want to focus all my time on.

When I blog on this website or Facebook I feel all the thoughts that I normally keep to myself are put into something solid. It is a redeeming feeling to see my opinion posted on something that might actually get views. That is one more view than it would have gotten if I would have just kept it to myself. I like feeling like I have something to say and that someone will want to read it and even agree with me. I would say I have a fairly high level of confidence when it comes to talking about things I know about. I think the reason my confidence is that high is that the fact remains, if you speak with confidence you are more apt to be considered a valid source of information. That’s half the battle.

My area of expertise ranges from certain creative things like painting, writing, and drawing to fitness questions. The big area of expertise however lies in relationship advice. I swear my phone is like the relationship hotline for every one of my friends, boys and girls. It’s ironic because I can never seem to put my own advice into action, but I sure give the best. I like when people come to me because it gives me purpose and I feel like I’m a credible and trustworthy person.

At this point in my life, I feel like I have never been more undecided on what I want to do with the rest of my life and at the same time I have never felt so happy as well as independent. My level of freedom is at a whole new level and I am extremely content with it. I mean hey, I’m a single 21 year old broke college student. It is completely “miserable and magical” at the same time. I’m not desperately searching for a man now, I’m patiently waiting for the RIGHT one. I’m using my time right now to pave the way for an exciting life for myself and the rest will work out itself!


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