Netflix Outrage

Recently, the new law regarding video viewing privacy on Netflix accounts has caused some controversy. Netflix users are given the option once to opt out of the agreement, but if they do not they are stuck to this law for 2 full years. According to a recent article I read, this gives Netflix the power to share viewer information as well as viewing history with Facebook friends as well as other users. Some people may say that because Netflix does not provide pornography that this privacy issue should not be a problem. Personally, when I first read over the article I did not see why it was such a big deal. However after thinking about this from the perspective of others, I quickly changed my mind. Later in this article, it points out a situation where a leader of some kind who is looked up top, could possibly click on a link of a friend to see what fits about without knowing how risqué the video content is. If this person’s friends were to see that he viewed it, this could lead to assumptions and judgements that are not valid. This could be the case for anyone with an account, but that is just an example of how good people could get framed into looking untrustworthy. The reason this law is so unsettling to me is the fact that I cannot find a valid enough reason for it. What could possibly be so beneficial that it’s worth risking the account member’s privacy. Another question is, who is it beneficial too and who is it detrimental too? One could argue this is infringing on our rights as citizens and I would gladly agree. The reason it’s so scary is this could be the first step to long list of privacy infringing laws and before you know it were left with none at all. It can start out slow, one at a time and gradually turn into something greater and more scary. I think the American people need to put their foot down in the beginning before its the end. This article reminded me of how smart phone and iPhone users always have location on to where the government always knows where you’re at. To me this is way worse than the recent law passed, but there has not been much controversy displayed in the media about it. I would venture to say that paves the way for more privacy issues along the way. Lookout America.


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